Links to interesting pages about Amiga around the world

- Commercial -

A german Amiga magazine. Here you can find interviews, infos and programs.

BoxAmiga Inc.
Read everything about the Amiga future!

The makers of Myst, Qu*ke, Nightlong, and Z for the Amiga!

Developer of PPaint and the AmigaForever emulator.

Developer of Directory Opus 5 - an absolute must for you Amiga! I really never will miss this beast!

Here you will infos about the c(++) compiler StormC, ArtEffect, STFax, PageStream, AmigaOS, Wacom drivers, ...

fxPaint, fxScan, VHI, ...

Developer of TurboPrint.

Nordicglobal - Here you can find Miami (an easy to use modem dialin TCP package), ReORG (a disc reorganizer), and some more nice programs.

BoxSASG International
Get MUI! The one and only GUI system on Amiga computers!

BoxSoftLogik/Grasshopper LLC
The worlds famous desktop publishing program - PageStream! have a look at it - Amiga, Mac and Windows.

V3, MicroDot2, AmIRC, ... and much more. One of the most active Amiga developer team these times.

- Private -

BoxAmiga Freunde Pfalz
An Amiga club in "der Pfalz" - a region near Mannheim, where i'm living.

BoxBenoit Pages
Benoit - Nice graphic effects with PowerPC support. See more little programs here.

BoxCrystal Homepage
Crystal is a really cool graphic effects program! I did the PageStream logo with that. PowerPC Support.

BoxCyberGraphX Homepage
The official CyberGraphX homepage. here you can find all infos about this graphiccard emulation including the latest updates.

GoldED - the most powerful texteditor for the Amiga. V5.0 released!

BoxMagicMenu 2
The official MagicMenu homapage. Here you can find the current (beta)version.

With MathScript you can quite easy produce mathematical formulas and save them as IFFs of PostScript files. Great! I used this for my diploma thesis!

An alternative PPC native OS which runs on Amiga PPC boards. Including a 68k emulator.
Amigas MorphOS

BoxPhotogenics X - Paul Nolan
Photogenics5 - Amiga, Windows, Linux and PDA.

BoxPicasso96 Home Page
The official Picasso96 homepage. A graphiccard emulation for the Amiga.

SoundFX! A Shareware Sound Processor for the Amiga.

BoxTTF library
A TrueTypeFont library for the Amiga.

BoxTTF tutorial
A must-read tutorial about installing and using TTFs on Amiga.

A program to convert bitmap graphics to vector graphics - shareware.

BoxYAM Homepage
This is a very powerful (open source!) mailreader for the Amiga. A must for internet surfers.

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